1.Clients may make payments into the “clients account” of Lizarza Abogados both as provision of funds and for payment of expenses and fees through this application, which is directly handled by the bank La Caixa. Use of this service entails the acceptance of these rules.

3.Payments into the clients provision account may be made by clients who have been previously asked by Lizarza Abogados to do so or where the latter has in its discretion confirmed its acceptance of such a payment. No payments into this account shall be accepted where these are made by a third party other than the interested client, with the exception of their spouse, parents or children, and/or which come from, or are charged to, an account held by an entity domiciled in a tax haven.

4.The name and personal details of the client and of the person making the payment where it is not made by the client and the reason or purpose of the funds shall be specified in making any payment.

5.As a general rule, payments in excess of € 1,200.00 or an equivalent sum in another currency shall not be automatically lodged in the provisions account of Lizarza Abogados until such time as a due diligence process has been carried out in respect of the lawful source of the funds and confirmation has been given to the client that the payment can be made in this manner.

6.Lizarza Abogados shall credit to the “clients provision account” the net amount received and it shall where applicable deduct from the said clients provision account any bank charges, fees and taxes and expenses incurred by reason of the transfer and payment into the account.

7.The very use of this service by a client entails the said client’s authorisation for Lizarza Abogados S.L. to reimburse the appropriate sums in the same manner after discounting any bank management charges or costs associated with this system whether as a result of receipt of the transfer, settlement of any balances due or failure to observe these rules.

8.The legal regulations and the internal procedures of Lizarza Abogados concerning money laundering prevention and personal data protection shall be observed. See LEGAL NOTICE.

By clicking on “make payment” you will access CaixaBank’s virtual payments system. Lizarza Abogados does not have any control over, or access to, this system, and is therefore unable to obtain any of the information contained therein, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc