Brazil is currently the sixth largest economy in the world as well as one of the more stable and with a higher level of legal certainty among the emerging-market countries. Its area (a country-continent), which stretches from the Northern Caribbean to the Uruguayan and Argentinean border, its 195 million population and a new, strongly-emerging middle class with high purchasing power make it a powerful, attractive market for both investment and trade.

The warm north and northeast of Brazil has been one of the preferred investment areas for the tourism sector, and we should not forget the traditional tourism market of Rio de Janeiro as well as the emerging market of the Florianopolis area, aimed at high-end consumers. The South is the financial and industrial heart of Brazil with almost 65% of its economic potential, of special note being the State of Sao Paulo which, with a population of 42 million (21.5% of the total population) and an area equivalent to 2.91% of all the national territory, holds more than one-third of the GDP and 30% of all credit operations in Brazil.

The State of Sao Paulo and the remaining southern States, such as Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina (Florianópolis), Rio Grande del Sur (Porto Alegre), Paraná (Curitiba) and Minas Gerai, are therefore a huge consumer market with a high purchasing power.

The above has resulted in the emergence of a thriving middle and middle/high class which now represents 60% of the total population. Forthcoming global-scale events such as the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games will contribute to the modernisation of infrastructures and security in the country through strong public and private investment. This is doubtlessly Brazil’s time and the time for trade and investment in Brazil.


LIZARZA ABOGADOS  has come to two agreements for the strategic and legally operative introduction of its clients in the economic-business circle of Brazil with the highly reputed law firm “PEREIRA DE SOUSA ADVOGADOS” and with GESTSERV-GESTAO E SERVIÇOS LTDA., a company specialising in the introduction of foreign investors and companies (known as GO Brasil). GO SIL (GESTSERV 


A company providing the required services for the essential basis of the intended business to be known and for its commercial/industrial activities to be carried out in the country, be it: (i) Basis concerning the possibility of an actual establishment in Brazil. (ii) Basis of an effective establishment in the right territory to carry out the chosen activity.

Ways to approach the chosen commercial/industrial activity

Provision of the required services for the essential basis of the intended business to be known and for its commercial/industrial activities to be carried out in the country, be it:

  • Introduction of high-ranking officers of business associations in the chosen sector. Such associations constitute a very strong lobby which is sometimes not easy to access and they possess the most accurate and reliable statistical instruments.
  • Introduction of (high level) companies in the same sector.
  • Eventual introduction of experts.
  • Special reference to import/export companies.
  • Introduction to similar activities based and operating in Brazil (i.e. high-end gated condominiums, private developments with restricted access or tourism resorts).


  • Assistance in holding events for the introduction of companies or the marketing in Brazil of domestic and external products (i.e. tourism and real estate sectors).



Both the administrative system and the fiscal system are complex in Brazil be it at a local, state or national level, so a proper planning is required in order to avoid unnecessary, inappropriate or wrong formalities and to achieve the greatest possible fiscal efficiency. The correspondents of Lizarza Abogados in Brazil have been carefully selected to provide the best and most secure service in relation to legal issues.


Lizarza Abogados’ cooperation with Pereira de Sousa Advogados and Gestserv-GoBrasil has resulted in the introduction in Brasil’s business activities of companies which have been quite or very successful in the traditional tourism sector and in other sectors intended to introduce services or products towards the modernisation or innovation of ancillary infrastructures.